Alright I fired up my multi-purpose spy guide (er GPS) and had my attache case (my folder) in my hands as well. In my pocket was my weapon of choice (my digital camera) as I headed down the stairs to begin my first assignment (er first cache hunt). I decided to hoof it instead of taking my suped up spy vehichle (Ford Explorer). So I trekked up and down towards my destination. I followed the track to the spot my informant would leave my next tip on my hunt. It was a long and tiring journey with many, many challenges (about a 1/4 mile from my home on nice city sidewalks). As I approached the spot I changed my appearance (put on a hat, it was cold out) and followed my tracker right to the information I was looking for. I gathered the information and then went forward just a bit to ponder what it meant (I couldn't do the math in my head). I entered the new code in the multi-purpose spy unit and then eagerly followed its tracker towards the target. I new I was close and I could feel the sweat building on my forehead (hat was too warm) in anticipation. My heart beat picked up (I couldn't find the thing, up a walkway, down a walk way). According to my tracker the target was only feet from my last location but I had covered a 1/3 of a mile in hot pursuit (walking back and forth). Just when I thought I new where to look a muggle appeared out of nowhere and I used my cameleon button to change my color (scared the crap out of me and turned me from out of breath red to scared as heck white!!). After I avoided that close call I decided to look around under some shrubs and then decided maybe I was not cut out to be the next 007 (I don't know how to drive a stick). So I took a seat on a wall and was pondering my future wuthout the exciting life of a spy. I looked down to my left and noticed that something just did not fit what I had seen thus far. I almost sat on the darn target. I moved the rocks carefully incase it was a booby trap (never know what is under a rock). Low and behold it was the black case with the green radiation logo (geocaching label). I slowly opened the case and took apart the unit. To my amazement it was quite packed. I had no info to leave behind so I tnlnsl and put it back knowing that I had completed my first assignment and 007 may have to watch out because the new Agent 99 WAS ON THE CASE. I took the grueling trek home, uphill (both ways mind you) and through a blinding snow (fluries). I returned to my mansion (apartment) where I was greeted by my servants (a couple cats) with eagerness to hear about my adventure (they needed food).

First find was in Harborview.... 3-15-06