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Thread: My first geocaching experience, escaping the muggles, and finding the cache!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainiac1957
    Yes Bruce we did have a fantastic showing last year. Hoping we do as well again this year. The good news is there just can't be as much crap down over those banks as there was before last years clean up. Some of the stuff we brought up had been down there for more than 50 years.
    Yeah - luckily my group had mostly small junk (even found some "beach glass" along the river for BreachComber), whereas some groups were hauling out old cars! LOL!

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    Heck the group I was in not only found everything but the kitchen sink but we DID find the kitchen sink. And that bank we hauled stuff up was a killer.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighterjake
    Soylent green is people!!!
    I'm sorry, we're all out of the yellow crackers... would like your nieghb... uhh green ones instead???
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