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Thread: TRF Hits # 400

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    Default TRF Hits # 400

    About time you hit 400..... Not even a year and here you are almost catching up to me. I think I have been on nearly half of those with you and it has been a blast the whole time. Great friends have been the best thing to come out of finding geocaching and you are one of them. It's been a great time and look forward to more of them.
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    Congratulations Steve & Family!! Holy Crap less than a year and you've got 400 already. I remember your name showing up in one of our caches there in Benton on the Bog Road, I believe it was your first. From then on the baby food jars started showing up all over central and coastal Maine, Got a couple myself. Look forward to hearing more of your adventures. Happy caching!!
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    Thumbs up Wow Steve

    See what you can accoplish with all that time off you had On to the big 500 next I guess. Have fun and see you at the next event.
    Happy Trails!

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    Very cool! Hope you enjoy the next 400 as much as the first 400!!!
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    congratulations! here's to the next 400!
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