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Thread: More public relations...

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighterjake
    He knows his mistake and I'm pretty sure I can say with confidence that it won't happen again . . . he's a good guy and a smart guy . . . once again, an honest mistake. Live and learn. Hakuta Matata and Kumbaya . . . or something like that.
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    Default sunday Kennebec Journal

    There was an article in the Sunday Kennebec Journal about geocaching. It compared the power cachers against the more laid back ones. It also talked about use of land. Same article:

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    Question Telling it like it is for a change.

    That was an accurate article. I think it truly described what caching is all about. Including some of the negative parts. Thanks Karen.
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    Thre has been a thread going on in the GC.forms regarding good/bad geocaching so you might want to read it here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haffy6
    Thre has been a thread going on in the GC.forms regarding good/bad geocaching so you might want to read it here:
    Interesting to get the full read. My take:

    I don't know O'Gara, but it seems to me that whether he was joking or not he made a big mistake . . . when you're being interviewed everything you say should be clear and concise -- this is not a time to use humor unless it is an obvious bit of humor and not dry wit. I don't know whether one article and one man spells the end of geo-caching as we know it as some folks at's BBS seem to indicate, but it sure doesn't paint some folks in a good light. The fella comes across as a Type A personality in a big way where it truly is all about the numbers for him.

    Another point . . . the article mentions folks being held at gunpoint while looking for a cache near an apparently-active railway and another guy rooting around an elementary school gate . . . I thought active railways and schools were prohibited under the rules (unless of course these were grandfathered.)
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