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I didn't disregard the message, just made fun of it!

I'm not sure it make sense to try to autoroute via topo. The map is too detailed and it would be very difficult and complicated to show what is needed to navigate any given way. One man's road is another man's path! And, the smaller roads are very seasonal. Right now, you would probably have to walk 20 miles to get to my cache on West Mt. Kenebago. This summer, any car can drive within 2 miles.

I downloaded and installed nRoute, but now I can't use it till I get home becasue I didn't bring the CDs! I have every topo loaded on the gps from here to Niagra Falls and as far south as Virginia! I thought that would be enough for a two day trip to Brunswick.
Check your pm's in a bit, I'm gonna send you sumpten