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Thread: Tidal Earthcache, Extreme Low Tide

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    Default It is on the agenda

    We thought the seasonally low tide was last month and we were bummed we missed it. Since we didn't, we're going to try and make it. It will be 1 day before our daughter's 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday little one!

    Wow, thanks for the heads up about the 3/4 mile walk, we'll make sure we aren't late. Anyone know the sunrise time for the 31st? We've been to OOB before but parking lot coordinates would be great.

    Where does this fit in with the hoamdezinah's cache which raised the question "Are you addicted"?

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    coordinates would be good, right now I am planning on going if I can but if I have to babysit I may be bringing my grandson out for his first caching experience. Of cource that all depends if I can get moving at that hour that is early to start

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    Just asking such a question proves you are addicted!

    This is looking like a perfect oppurtunity to go. The weather is going to be perfect, with a high pressure zone directly over the ocean.

    Parking can be found at: 43 32.461 70 20.221.

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