I have been researching the Zire 72 that I have been thinking of buying. The Zire 71 has more option then the Zire 72. But it also does not have the same cable connection that the old Zire 72 has. You can not use a cradle with it like you could with the 72. But it has bluetooth technology. This means there are no cable needed to connect to other devises as long as the other device is Bluetooth also. This was worrying me because I wanted to connect my GPS to the Zire 72 and make it interactive while in the car with Street Atlas. But after doing much research I found a Bluetooth and car connection in one devise for the eTrex that is suppose to connect to the Zire 72 without any wires.

For those of you interested here is the link and a picture of the device.
I looks like I may be going out tomorrow and getting the Zire 72 after all.