Since I havent rode my atv in over a year and it just sits in the garage collecting dust I thought I would make the first offer to anyone in here that may be interestested.

It's a 2003 Suzuki Vincint 500 Quadmatic It has several of the bells and whistles.

Winch, Plow, seat box, flat fuel cell, winsheild box kit, gun rack, new tires, heated grips, chains, strobe light for plowing, uniball hitch, rear fender protectors and scuff protectors and a trailer to tow the machine (OBTW the trailer was new when I bought the atv) Oh Yah and just over 1000 miles, they where pretty easy trail miles.

I would like to get 5100 since the plow, winch, new tires, and trailer set me back aways.

It makes for a great caching buggy, I will hate to see it go.

Happy Trails,