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Thread: Timeliness in logging

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    Lightbulb On time logging

    If you are an FTF nut, you get what this sport gives you. When you venture to a cache trying to be first, and find the chicken butt smiling at you, and it has NOT been logged. Too bad!! There are NO RULES in this sport. Smile and know that you have been beaten. The Team has logged many miles looking for coins only to find it's NOT in the cache. Oh well. We enjoyed the time outside and the hunt we were given. I am trying to plan an FTF Event. That way 30-40 people will get the CO-FTF.
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    I can't speak to what others do, but only to what I do.

    First and foremost I would imagine this issue is most likely most applicable to those folks looking to log a FTF . . . although I suspect it could also apply to someone who wants to get a particular TB, geocoin or trade good for their collection.

    I personally log my find as soon as possible, which is usually when I get home or the next morning if it is late . . . but this is just me. Since I have only had a few FTFs this is not such a big issue.

    The way I look at it . . . you take your chances when you head out hoping to get the FTF . . . you may be beat to the cache by minutes, hours or even days depending on when the GCer logs their find.
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    This could delay things a bit.
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