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    Disclaimer: These are my own personal favorite caches and were listed as a way to help new cachers and visitors to this area who may be limited by time constraints. These caches are not meant to be exclusive as new caches are added continually and there are many other great caches in the area . . . these are simply some of my favorites. I have grouped them into my favorite traditional caches, multi caches, puzzle caches, micro caches and since I particularly like caches involving history I have included some info on historical caches.

    The list below was put together unsolicited by myself and is not approved or disapproved by other members of I strongly encourage all cachers to review the cache description pages which are available at, a free service that provides a way to search for caches in a particular area, description of caches including the terrain and other special consideration and a rating system that will give a cacher some idea of how difficult or easy a cache may be. It is strongly encouraged to visit all caches in an area because each cache is unique in its setting and its origin.

    The list set forth by myself does not encompass all the caches in the greater Waterville area. This list will provide you insight as to what are my favorite caches in the area. These selections are my favorites and the list in no way represents caches that must be visited or should be visited.

    Favorite Traditional Caches

    Shawmust Fishing Hole (GCQMPY) . . . a short walk to this cache and you're rewarded with a great view of the Falls.

    Perkins Sanctuary (GCJ8J7) . . . a short walk to a beautiful wooded glade of hemlocks and a stream . . . this cache can be a bugger to find however

    Oxbow Nature (GCJERQ) . . . another short walk with a rewarding view of some small Falls

    TeePee Treasures (GCQZ6Q) . . . a short walk with a rewarding city-scape view of the City of Waterville, particularly pretty at dusk or early evening

    MESSalonskee Mishap (GCTWN1) . . . nature reclaims what was her's at this cache. Nice view of the stream.

    Favorite Multi Caches

    Goodwill-Hinckley School Nature Trail (GCREHF) . . . I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of multis -- I like the instant gratification that comes with the traditional cache. That said, don't pass this one up. A nice walk through pine and hemlock groves that tower above you forming a canopy combined with some neat historical stone monuments in middle of the woods makes this a fantastic cache.

    Mill Island Park (GCV99C) . . . Another multi that combines an especially scenic area (once over-grown and now in the process of being thinned out) with some fascinating history.

    Favorite Puzzle Caches

    Outer Limits (GCTHPC) . . . a nice puzzle and a hide that for some reason baffled me completely as I knew I was in the right place, but couldn't find it for the longest time.

    Favorite Micro Caches

    Acer (GCR75P) . . . an easy walk with a clever hide

    Old 470 (GCAE12) . . . larger than most micros, but wicked devious. This cache also has some historical significance as it is located on an old steam locomotive

    Right in Plain Sight (GCTHQ7) . . . this cache is also tricky and it has a historical aspect to it.

    Benedict's Landing (GCTVBG) . . . I'll readily admit that I love it when caches combine a scenic location, good hide and some historical aspect -- this cache has all three.

    Favorite Historical Caches

    Fort Halifax (GCQNBB) . . . the original fort is no longer here, but this is a historical area . . . just don't expect to be the only person here on the 4th of July since this park gets pretty crowded

    Mill Island Multi (GCV99C) . . . see more info above in the "Multi" section

    Once again these are only my favorite picks . . . our cachers may disagree with these picks in which case I would encourage them to add their own ideas on what threads they would recommend to visitors to the Waterville Area.
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    Yes I am presently working on putting another cache out on Mill Island, home of the former Boxboard Mill Cache. It should be ready by weeks end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haffy6
    Yes I am presently working on putting another cache out on Mill Island, home of the former Boxboard Mill Cache. It should be ready by weeks end.
    John, that would be great. Boxboard Mill was our first cache (waxes nostalgic).

    We took the 7th grade computer classes outside for some GPSr experience last week and the kids had a great time. Some of the kids have expressed interest in Geocaching and Mill Island would be the perfect location to introduce some budding Geocachers to the sport, being only a mile or so away from school.

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