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    Disclaimer: These are my own personal favorite caches and were listed as a way to help new cachers and visitors to this area who may be limited by time constraints. These caches are not meant to be exclusive as new caches are added continually and there are many other great caches in the area . . . these are simply some of my favorites. I have grouped them into my favorite traditional caches, multi caches, puzzle caches, micro caches and since I particularly like caches involving history I have included some info on historical caches.

    The list below was put together unsolicited by myself and is not approved or disapproved by other members of I strongly encourage all cachers to review the cache description pages which are available at, a free service that provides a way to search for caches in a particular area, description of caches including the terrain and other special consideration and a rating system that will give a cacher some idea of how difficult or easy a cache may be. It is strongly encouraged to visit all caches in an area because each cache is unique in its setting and its origin.

    The list set forth by myself does not encompass all the caches in the greater Unity area. This list will provide you insight as to what are my favorite caches in the area. These selections are my favorites and the list in no way represents caches that must be visited or should be visited.

    Favorite Traditional Caches

    Stand II (GCKCWF) . . . a nice view of the Knox countryside with its rolling hills and farmland

    Cache in a Great View of Knox (GCGKKR) . . . another nice view of the Knox countryside with the rolling hills and farmland

    Favorite Multi Caches

    Multi in a Mile (GCPRFR) . . . a nice, easy walk in a beautiful little park beside the lake

    Favorite Puzzle Caches

    Sudoko Psychosis (GCTXVZ) . . . I'm not a big fan of sudoko puzzles, but this is a rather clever puzzle cache and there's not that many in the area

    Favorite Micro Caches

    Not listed

    Favorite Historical Caches

    Blue's Cache (GCR18W) . . . site of a narrow gauge railroad station and now a field with cows and horses who often attempt to offer would-be cachers a clue or two . . . if you can translate whatever "moo" means

    Elijah P. Lovejoy (GCTX7K) . . . site of a nice, seemingly forgotten memorial to a native son of Albion who stood up for his beliefs in freedom of the press and freedom for all men of all races

    All Gave Some, Some Gave All (GCQNOV) . . . a moving memorial to a Medal of Honor winner

    Once again these are only my favorite picks . . . our cachers may disagree with these picks in which case I would encourage them to add their own ideas on what threads they would recommend to visitors to the Greater Unity Area.
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