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Thread: RE: WASS issues

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    i use my 72 at work just about every day, and i've noticed at the so-called peak times i average normally around 9 to16ft accuracy, and during the off hours (when sats aren't in view) i average about 16 to 24ft, i havent' noticed too much difference in the accuracy, but i have noticed it has been taking longer to aquire sats.
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    Thanks for the replys guys. I asked this same question at and got the same answer that Sabby gave me . . . along with this informative link. Looks like we'll be without WAAS for a while . . . looks like this satellite move pretty much only affects Maine and part of New Hampshire and of course, parts of eastern Canada (can't forget our friends in the North.) Also, the press release says the move started in February and should be complete in two months . . . and it's about a month into the move so this is probably the answer to my no-WAAS question.

    I also appreciate the input on placing the cache without WAAS. Looks like it will take a bit longer, but at least I can get some of those caches out that I've been sitting on . . . and dragging back and forth to Bangor with me for the past four days.
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