All right, here I go...

People are already asking about the 2006 coin, so I thought I'd start off the thread.
-Do we want the same front (on a round coin) as last year? The design is paid for.

-Cameo had a great suggestion to do the coin in the shape of Maine instead of round. A minor die fee is involved, but would make a neat looking coin.

-What do we want on the back? Katahdin, chick-a-dee, toll-booth?

-There were many requests last year for a trackable coin. This would add to the price of the coin, but it would have it's own icon and be trackable.

-Different metal finishes? The silver cladding we used last year is very durable, holds up in the weather (in caches), but doesn't "pop" an image out as well as other finishes (e.g. brushed copper)
(BTW, I have examples of the 2005 coin in gold, silver and brushed if anyone wants to see the difference)

Postage went up in Jan, but there is some money left from last years coin that may off-set the increase. I'll know more when we get a design figured out.

Fire away...