Hello all . . . I've just got permission to put out three more caches in three new areas in Unity on trails maintained by a non-profit group called the Unity Barn Raisers. You can look for these to come out in another week or two incidentally. . . . I've just got to get the caches put together and do a little historical research on one or two of them . . . for those of you who know the area I'll give you a tease . . . one will be located near the old tannery/marina and another may be near the old fairgrounds.

However, the purpose of this thread isn't to get folks excited about more caches in the area, but rather (it occurred to me as I e-mailed the UBR) that this group has been awfully good to us. Here's the caches they've allowed us to place so far. . . .

Connor Mill Trail
CommUnity Trail (GCQ3GM)
Connor Grist Mill (GCTY7J)
Minnie Weeeee (GCQW39)

Triplet Park
Out of the Ashes (GCQA13)

Field of Dreams
Multi in a Mile (GCPRFR)

While I was doing some research for my future cache placements I noticed that a few of these trails are incomplete . . . this non-profit group wants to extend the trails and form an inter-connected walking/bike path around town. Since the UBR has been so good to us I went out on a limb and expressed interest in trying to help them out some by possibly doing a CITO event or an ETFFC (Extend Trails For Future Caches) event.

I have since received an e-mail inviting me to a meeting of their Trail Committee on April 4th at 5 p.m. At this time I would like to see if anyone might be interested in going with me to this meeting . . . maybe one of our veteran ambassadors of goodwill??? Also, more to the point, is this something anyone might be willing to help out on . . . either a CITO event or a ETFFC event (with of course it depending on your schedule and the date)?

I'm just thinking off the cuff here, but if there is enough interest I wouldn't mind hosting either a CITO or ETFFC event with the idea being work for a few hours in the morning, followed by a BBQ or grabbing a pizza at a local shop and then allowing some time in the afternoon for anyone who wants to grab a few local caches that they may have missed.

Anyone interested in the concept or am I way out of line with my thinking? If nothing else, I figure I'll personally volunteer to help out some since I truly appreciate what this group has allowed us to do.