A man goes golfing with his buddies, and a buddy takes a mighty swing at the ball and slices the ball right off sideways and hits the man right smack in the hooter, dropping him lke a rock of course, the man is in exterme agony. They end up taking him to the hospital because he is in so much pain and the doctor says " Im sorry to tell you, but your hooter is broken" "Broken he cries, it can't be ,Im getting married tomorrow, it can't be broken" The doctor says"Im sorry but Ill have to put it in a splint and it will have to stay on for two weeks" The doctor then takes four tounge depressors and places one on each side and one on the top and bottom and secures them with tape. The man goes home and prepares for his wedding the next day and keeps his secret from his bride to be. After a beautiful wedding they head off on their honeymoon and check into a motel. The new bride goes into the bathroom to "prepare" and the man crawls into bed to wait for her. A few minutes later she emerges wearing a sexy nightgown, walks to the side of the bed, lets the nightgown fall to the floor and says "Honey, I just want you to know , that what you are seeing has never been touched by another mans hands" The man looks her in the eye, pulls back the blankets and says "Thats nothing, look at this, mines still in the crate!!"