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Thread: Geocaching in the news

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    Default Geocaching in the news

    I didn't see it but I just went to the link and was able to stream the video that was on CBS news tonight. It was a very positive article and puts geocaching in a much better light than some of the previous articles and videos have. Check it out for yourselves.
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    Good Piece!! Very Positive!
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    Default Nice article

    That was a very good article. I like how they interviewed a young family and an older couple....shows the diversity in the sport. They also showed a hiking cache as well as an in town, cleverly place small cache. All in all, a very nice piece. Very positive.

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    I saw the piece on TV when it was originally broadcast . . . very well put together, showing folks of all ages and abilities enjoying this activity. I was kind of wondering if anyone else had seen it or not.
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    i had a few calls while i was at work from people asking me about caching, cuz they saw that and thought of me...
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