It's time for a vote on dates when it works best for people who are planning on attending the overnight camping event in August for Northern Maine. I am not looking for actual numbers of who will be attending for sure, but a likely guess that you will be planning or making the attempt to come… (carpool!)
I have decided it is going to be at the same place last year, the back side of the mountian at Aroostook State Park in Presque Isle, ME for those of you who went, I heard some comments that why people liked this area and that why people didn't. It is in an area that is remote; we're away from others, so we don’t have to worry about being loud or other inconveniences. It was also cheap to stay at and we were in the woods; being a practical campground for us geocachers…am I wrong? There is no indoor plumping, electrical means or an Internet hookup, but there is live entertainment and we will have a good time!

As soon as we can decide on what date fits better for most then I will book it. Remember the later in the summer, the fewer annoying insects.
If there is anything else, being advice, questions or maybe some sarcastic remarks… please feel free to reply, or email me.

Please vote on:

August 12 & 13
August 19 & 20
August 26 & 27

You can just reply to this message and I will be taking a count later this week.
Thanks! Look forward to seeing you this fall.