Okay, here is the plan... I think. Meet at the East Side Landing in Augusta at 11:00. Don't know where it is? Check out the parking coordinates for "MumsBee." That's where we'll put in. While some of us are shuttling cars to the Gardiner Landing the others can look for the cache. It's a multi, but doesn't take that long.
We'll head to Hallowell. I think that's about an hour to an hour and a half. It's been a long time since I've done that and the tide may be with us or against us. At the Hallowell boat landing we can take a rest and meet anyone that wants to do a shorter trip. From there we'll continue to Bad Rock Cache just north of Gardiner. It's on an island. When we get to Gardiner, we can load the boats, look for the Gardiner Landing cache and head for FOOD (picking up the other cars along the way).
I need to do some research to get the times down a little. I'm in Seattle right now and will be home late Thursday. Anyone able to help with the times? I highly recommend a wet suit and a skirt on your kayak. It will be cold if you land in the water!