I think I mentioned this in another thread. I'm going to Minnesota in a couple of weeks and I can take travel bugs if anyone wants to hand one off. I did get one from Lisbon today that wants to go to other continents. Drofrockology will be in Minnesota at the same time so he can snag some and take them back to Nevada with him. I live in Auburn. If everyone's not askeert of me now!

On the subject of virtuals, I had my son home with me this past weekend. I signed him up as terribleToo. He lives in Gardiner in a group home/workshop with a housedad and 4 other men who have autism. They build birdhouses for a living. I took him to a traditional cache and he hated it, but couldn't get enough virtuals! He loves to ride anyway, and jumping out to run up to a landmark and point out the answers, then coming home to email the people, was right up his alley. He doesn't speak, but he likes to type. He blew through 5 grandfathered ones over the weekend and even walked with me to a cemetery near our house to gather information for a future one that we can post. For a change he forgot to act like I was taking him on a forced march or trying to creep him out with grave markers. So I signed us up on Waymarking.com and I told his housedad about this fantastic new obsession, so the other guys can do it too. They are planning a 6-week motorhome trip and this will be a good way to get lots of stops in.