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Thread: Congrats to GeoMaine

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    Aug 2004
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    Well, thanks everyone! Nice to see the thread out here and all of the replies!

    400 though, not a good number... I blasted right past it on the same day, no pause for reflection. 500? Now that seems like a RESPECTABLE number. : )

    I'm gonna see if I can put 500 under my belt before it simply gets way too hot. Normally I would be 'retired' by now for the late spring/entire summer/early fall, but... LOL! Guess my kayak and hiking staff can gather dust for just a couple more months before my GPS finally does until next winter.

    Team2hunt. Better keep that dime in your geo-bag, the odds are growing by the day that we'll wind up on the same cache-path since we have both wiped out better than 95% of Southern Maine. : )

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    Congratulations on this achievement! May you always enjoy your journeys.

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