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Thread: RE: How do you add italicized text to a hide listing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighterjake
    OK, OK . . . I deserve it on this one. Sorry about the issues . . . with coords way off (I checked these coords numerous times even!), a puzzle without key words in italics (I think Steve has set me straight on this though) and a puzzle that leads you back to the first stage (obviously I mixed something up there.) I'll be fixing this cache in the next day or two.

    For the record I still don't think it was the Magellan . . . I'm going to blame this one on operator error.
    it's alright j, we all know you have a magellan, and it's ok, we still accept you for who you are... and when we do you caches we expect the coords to be a little off because of your hardware, the Future Home of FFJ cache for example, i put the coords into the computer, and saw on the map that the cache was in India somewhere, so i got the globe out and looked on the other side of the world... and there it was just outside of Unity!!!
    Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.

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    If it would still be a help, you probably have Microsoft Word on your computer. It's not the best HTML editor, but it'll do in a pinch...

    You can write the entire listing in Word, format the font as you like, then save it as a web page. Close it out, then turn around and find the document where it was saved, then 'right click' on the file and select 'open with' and then select Word. Next, go to 'view' under the menu bar and click on 'HTML Source' and you'll have all the HTML in front of you. Go up to 'edit' and 'select all' and then right-click again. Choose 'copy' from your options and then 'right click' in the window you want to copy it into for your listing. Use 'Paste' and it will all copy into it. Good thing about the website is that it will edit out all the 'bad' stuff (like page formatting, java scripts, etc etc) and keep all the good stuff.

    With a bit of practice and patience, you'll have flair and style in all of your listings! : )

    After that, you'll soon see that with little added effort, you can actually directly write the listing in HTML using word; all you will have to do is go to your menu bar, select 'new' and you'll see an option for 'web page'.

    Good luck to you!

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