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Thread: Thanks Cameooo

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    Quote Originally Posted by becket
    hey, ffj and hiram, i think you need to take sudonim on your comedy tour with you
    what!?!?!?! we can barely afford to pay ourselves!! we have to be our own roadies and everything.... Hey andy... can you carry speakers??? we've got grilled cheese sandwichs... lots of em!!! (FFJ is still looking for the virgin mary, it's like the holy lottery or somethin, if ya find her, you can put her on ebay with some big bucks! he's hoping to buy a collectible geo-coin)
    Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.

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    As far as eggs go, I think we're all a little "cracked...."
    To Cache or NOT to cache.....IS there a question?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaughingTerry
    I got home today and grabbed my mail. She sent me a great Geocache Maine postcard and a FTF pin for "Shells over the Water".

    *********Neener Neener Neeener**********

    Your welcome!

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