I am pleased to announce the release of V1.40 of my PalmOS-based geocaching software GeoNiche

This release has many updates and improvements, including:

  • Turn-by-turn features
  • Memory of previous Bluetooth GPS Receiver selection
  • Importation of points of interest and driving directions from Google Maps
  • Sending of targets/routes to other handhelds and PC's with Bluetooth
  • Exportation of GPX files to memory card, internal memory, Bluetooth, and E-mail
  • More information and CANCEL buttons to "Please Wait" messages
  • Color presets
  • A confirmation dialog when re-acquiring a target from the Navigation Mode screen
  • Target offset capability to the target popup menu
  • Various enhancements for PalmOS v5.4 (icon, default buttons, hard button defaults)
  • Target count to the route details screen
  • Various proximity options
  • Garmin iQue support

For more information, visit http://www.RayDarLLC.com/