When I mentioned that you can drop TB's off to me at the MPBN auction, someone wrote that we should talk about Geocaching Maine on the air as a way to get more members. If that is truly a goal, then you guys should consider a donation for next year! In about 2 weeks Sandy Dunlap will start to look for items for next year. It has to be an item worth $60.00 or a group of identical items with a total value of $60.00. You can write your own 45-second copy if you want. Some things to donate might be a daypack with caching necessities; a new GPS-r; 6 1-year premium memberships to this site; or geocoins. The rest of us could chip in a little toward the cause, or have a fundraiser to do get money for it. The next auction is a year away so there is plenty of time!

I have introduced my boss at the radio station to geocaching. He found two micros (and screamed his head off both times, so we will be working on THAT! ) Anyway, does the Boothbay register TB qualify for radio as well as print?