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Thread: Msteelee Gets 400

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    Default Congratulations

    Nice going Lee!! I know this milestone means more about the fun you have had getting there than "the numbers game." Here's to another 400!!

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    Thumbs up

    A great flock of cardinals that is. Here's to 400 more!

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    Gee Whiz! I go away for a few days and you all having too great a time meeting the milestones....! Congrats to both of you. Well done!
    Silva, of the forest

    Beneath you, feel the Earth.
    Above you, feel the Sky.
    Around you, feel the presence and the Power
    of the Trees!

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    Default Congrats, Lee!

    Congrats on #400 to the lady who introduced us to geocaching! We luv ya Lee! Geocaching is an awesome hobby and you're an awesome friend. Remember this though: Things that really count can't be counted!

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks so much to all of you for the very kind words - I am overwhelmed. Dave told me there were messages and I ought to check them out - so we just read them all. As so many of you noted, it "IS NOT ABOUT THE NUMBERS." But, it's been such fun watching them go up anyway! We have seen some wonderful places in this great state of ours and met some wonderful fellow cachers along the way. Best to all of you! Keep on caching!

    August, 2004

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    Congrats from us as well. Do you think you could figure out how many miles you traveled to get to 400? I hate to think how many miles we've traveled - 1 trip to VT, 2 trips to MA, 2 trips to New Brunswick, plus all the Maine miles.... Sheesh!

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    Red face On the road again...

    The traveling is half the fun for me - the majority of the caches that I have done have been away from the Greater Portland area where I live. When I think about doing the ones in "my back yard" I find I am just not as motivated. I like that this great adventure of caching has helped me to explore and see places I haven't been before or maybe haven't been for a long time. I must admit though, there are lots of great places that I haven't seen right in my own area - oh well - still want to hit the road!!! LOL

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    Thumbs up To another 400!

    Wow! Congrats you two...your an inspiration to all of us.

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    Thumbs up To the next 400!

    Congratulations Lee! You really know how to do it and what a way to stay healthy! I can't wait to get to the Bangor and Clifton area and get some of the caches in your area.

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    Default How many miles? Yikes!

    I can't be sure how many miles we have put on my car and brdad's truck - but it sure seems as though my tune-ups are coming around more frequently! And, as for sky miles? Let's see: Texas, Florida, DC, Virginia and Arizona...I can't do the math! They are all fun and so different! Thanks again for all the kind words! Keep on caching .... hope to see you on the trails. (Just made up a new batch of cardinals - they are anxious to fly!)

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