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Thread: Garmin 60CS Compass problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighterjake
    I haven't noticed any difference with the type of batteries in my Magellan . . . but then again it's a Magellan (sorry fellow Magellan users, I just have to get the digs in before Hiram can! )

    In all seriousness the only thing I've noticed with rechargeables is that when the low battery alarm appears it means the unit will be shutting down in the next couple of minutes whereas alkalines usually give me several more minutes of use before the unit shuts itself off.
    cmon jake, what can you possibly notice different about a megellan, its either not working or its uhhh not working...

    and as for the batteries, didnt you see the new magellan TRF is selling??!!?? you can fit as many batteries in it as you want!!!

    and for the on topic note: i've noticed that too about the rechargable batteries, when they're dead they're dead, sometimes i can pull em out and put em in my flashlight or somethin else, but not the rechargeables... they just die.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sudonim
    Lots of people are having this problem. 2 causes have been explained.
    1) Loose battery connections. Some people roll up electrical tape, or some other non-conductive padding to tighten up the battery connectors.
    2) Somehow vibration (like driving down a dirt road) is doing it. My Vista does this, but the battery terminals are tight against the batteries, so I've just been living with it, but I don't like it
    My connections are very tight too and on my first one, Garmin replaced the broken terminals but still ended up sending me a new unit. This one just started shutting down and it does it standing still.

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