RULOST2? and I met Noreasta and friend at the Brier's Beach cache in Unity today. His friend had a new Garmin eTrex Legend CX, and we discussed the capabilities of that, the Garmin 60c that I have, and the other new Garmin "X" series GPSrs. Noreasta - who uses a Magellan - was impressed by the maping ability of my 60C. And after discussing the obviously higher sensitivity of the Garmin GPSrs with the new SiRF chip, he's talking about going Garmin with a 60csx! RULOST2? - recognizing my frustration lately with poor reception - has already decided that we need a new 60csx as well!

Any other Magellan owners out there need convincing?

(Have to admit, Noreasta has a nice Garmin Street Pilot on his dash...)