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Hidden: 5/12/2006

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Sorry for the short notice on this, but I’ve been looking for a place for a couple weeks to hold a gathering and once I found it, this was the only available time.

Everyone likes dessert, so let’s have a dessert social get together. Bring your favorite dessert, or buy something. Bring it, and/or snacks, chips, or soda, (no alcoholic beverages please) (coffee will be supplied) and come out and meet the people behind the names you see on the log pages. It doesn’t matter what you bring (as long as it’s sweet), just bring something to share.

This geo meet is for any cache nut that wants to get together with fellow cache hunters. It’s for anyone, from the new-bees with only a couple cache finds, to the “old timers” who have been at it for a couple of years. Come out to socialize. Come out to make new Geo friends. Come out to strangle the people that put out the caches you’ve come to hate, (not me of course). Come out to engage in discussions about geocaching. Come out for dessert. Come to swap travel bugs, or coins.

This meeting will be held at a Secret Lodge, on Sebago Lake. (Off the Cole Hill Rd, off 114 in Standish).

Meeting starts at anytime after 5:00 pm and will end around 10:00 or so.
We plan a time of socializing, then a dessert break, and then we will gather around to discuss topics like : placing caches, quality of caches, various types of caches, difficulty ratings, different types of containers, etc. There will be experienced persons on hand to answer questions and offer advice to the new cache hunters.

We will be discussing the formation of the Southern Maine Geocaching Association. We envision this as a loose knit organization of individuals who like Geocaching and wish to work together for the betterment of the game, by promoting good will, and by placing, and maintaining quality cache hides throughout southern Maine.

We will also be discussing the biggest Geo event to hit the New England area, since caching started up here. The up and coming Southern Maine Geo rally. A 250 to 300 mile event covering 5 southern Maine counties. Over 24 caches will be placed. There will also be over 30 locationless caches and other geo targets you have to find as well. We will be accepting preregistration for the rallye at this meeting. More info at the meeting.
Hope to see you here. John