I'd like some opinions and advice, please. I hid my cache, 10th Anniversary Cache, on Oct 31st of last year. Since then, the cache has racked up over 55 "found it" logs, the majority of which were positive. The cache is located on Mackworth Island in Falmouth. For you who aren't familiar with this location, it's an island with a nice trail running around it's perimeter. It's a very popular location and is heavily visited even during the winter.
Because of the number of muggles who visit, I wanted to hide the cache in a location where they couldn't easily stumble upon it. At ths same time, I wanted to put it in a place where cachers could make a find without muggles watching. An added challenge was making sure my cache was the proper distance from the one other cache on the island.
So, the place where the cache was hidden is maybe 30 yds (estimate) off of the trail. The vegetation can get a little thick and the ground can be wet. I'm sure the plant life will get even thicker during the summer.
Recently, there was one log where somebody said they couldn't find the cache and they didn't want to trample the wildlife. Then, this past weekend, two people logged their find, but they suggested moving the cache closer to the trail to avoid trampling nature. They were also surprised at how far off the trail the cache was.
I'm probably being too sensitive here. As I said before, a majority of the logs for my cache have been positive. My idea of placing a cache is to make it somewhat challenging. What's the point of placing a cache two feet off of a heavily traveled trail? Also, I love to bushwack and get out in the woods, so if I have to actually step off of a trail, it's not a big deal. We live in Maine. Nature is everywhere. You can't help but trample it sometimes.


Here's the link to my cache:http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache...5-4ff09fdc2ea7