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haha, one of the ones that comes with it's own little spout! those are cool. I've been experimenting with different glasses, and I think the glass was my problem, I used a 10oz Highball glass and the foam got nice and thick (two fingers to be exact) the foam did go over the edge a bit due to my glass being too small to hold the other 2 oz in the bottle, but I sliced that off with my trusty pancake flipper and... WAH LA! We need to find a place around here that serves it fresher than Joka's, I've never been too impressed with their refrigeration and the stella had a cool again warm again cool again taste to it, but it reminded me of another belgium ale, I think it was DuValls or somethin like that... it was Du... somethin, heh, that's what i get told a lot when i'm sitting around drinking... Du sumthin... (that stuff foams up wicked crazy, gotta have a steady hand to pour a good glass of that)
I agree with you about Jokas'. Great store, but needs more population to support it than is available around here.

The beer you're thinking about must be Duvel. Been so long since I've had one of those that I don't remember it. But if you bought it at Jokas', it's probably been on the shelf for a while. There are VERY few SERIOUS beer drinkers in central Maine.