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I don't drink very often but my arm can be twisted once in a while... This is the place I like to go in Portland if I want a good pub and food atmosphere.
The Great Lost Bear

Is that on Forest Ave? I drive by there everytime I come to Maine to visit my sister.

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There is also Sebago Brew Co. in the Old Port,great stout and a great Hefeweizen
My niece works at the Sebago Brewing Co. (the one on Maine Mall Road)
You can't miss her, Shes the most beautiful waitress/bartender there.

And coicidently Shipyard is one of my favorite microbrews from Maine. I haven't tried alot of them however. My niece always buys me a case for Christmas.

I'm glad to see there are other microbrew conissoirs on this site.
Has anyone here been to the annual microbrew fest in Maine in November?
I'm going to try and make it to it this year. Maybe we should get a group together.