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Thread: Illegal Cache Recovery??

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    Question Illegal Cache Recovery??

    I have noticed lots of logs saying did not find lately on the Headwaters Cache in my area lately. So , tonight i went to the cache where i know it is missing as i was the FTF and placed a micro container there for cachers to log. The owners have been in active for over a year. Was this an Illegal cache action or is this ok untill the cache owners replace the cache..??? This cache is very close to my Home so I thought i was helping the cache hunters cause..


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    Wink hmmmmm

    Sounds to me like this action might require some type of litigation.

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    Well, for one, the owners have visited the site in June 2004, so they have not been absent for too long.

    There was nothing wrong with what you did, the cache needed attention somehow, and the micro will suffice until hopefully the owners will check back in and fix it or let some adopt it. However, if you had never found the cache before and replaced it with a micro, I wouldn't consider that a find.

    Give it a few weeks and we'll see if they speak up. If anyone knows the Cache Buccaneers, it would be nice if they could contact them.

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