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N 43° 49.086 W 070° 33.508
UTM: 19T E 374669 N 4852850

In Maine, United States [view map]
Hidden: 8/19/2006
Use waypoint: GCW21T (what's this?)

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This is Maine’s first Geo-rallye adventure and since you may not know what a Geo-Rallye is I’ll explain.

First of all it is not a FTF event !!! Yes some caches will surely have a FTF on them, but that is not the object. The object of this event is to find as many of the placed caches, locationless caches, and other geo targets that are laid out, before the timed finish.

This event, put on by MGA with myself “Hoamdezinahs”, and my good friend “Gobler” as the rallye co-ordinators, will cover approximately 250 to 300 miles of Southern Maine. It will be approximately 14-15 hours of nonstop geo-caching excitement. We are putting out between 20 and 24 (log-able) caches in 5 counties. Add to that, a bunch of locationless caches, and other geo-scavenger hunt items that have to be found, and it promises to be a fun, exciting, and very tiring day. You will be scored points for every cache, locationless cache, and geo target that you find.

The event will end for a bbq steak supper, awards & prizes at a secret lodge on Sebago Lake. You may come to the meeting at the finish even if you do not enter the rallye. The cost for the meal is between $13.00 - 15.00, (don’t know for sure yet, will in a couple weeks) per person, if you want it. We need a head count and the money for the meal in advance.

Entry and Rallye Rules:
1) The contribution to participate in the rallye is $40.00 per team. This contribution pays for prizes, awards, and expenses related to the event. (No-one makes any profit on the event) Registration forms will be emailed on request. The participation contribution and meal fees are due when you send in your registration form, and is non-refundable.
2) Teams can consist of no more than four persons. (No exceptions)
3) The design of the rallye is such that participation is limited to 30 teams, and anyone wishing to enter must pre-register before the end of July. (If you wait till then there may not be a slot available for you.)
4) All teams will be e-mailed a packet of cache info and co-ords at sunset the night before the event.
5) You will have until sunrise the next morning to plan your attack. Hopefully it won’t take you more than a couple hours.
6) Teams can start anywhere they want in the southern Maine area at daylight on the morning of the event. There is no advantage or disadvantage as to where you start. It will end at 4:30 that afternoon at the final co-ords. There will be a “check in” when you arrive and you will be deducted points for every minute that you are late.
7) All caches that you have to find will be less than 3/10 mile from the vehicle parking and no more than a #2.5 hide. Locationless caches will be found along the route. Caches placed will be a combination of ammo boxes, lock and lock containers, and 35 mm containers.
8) All of the cache finds, both real and locationless, must be verified by a digital photo of the team (less the one taking the pix), with said cache in hand, or locationless item in the pix (in daylight).
9) Teams will be scored points for each cache found, each locationless cache found, and each geo scavenger item found.
10) You will have a scorecard in your packet to score yourself as you progress through the day.
11) A scoreboard will be posted at the finish so that you can compare your score with other teams.
12) Prizes and trophies, will be given out to the entrants. Even if you do not compete you will be eligible to win door prizes.
13) It is mandatory that all people have a fun time.

All cache information will be emailed the night before at sunset, and will include the town and the approximate location (ie. Street location, boat launch, town park, etc.) for the caches. You should be able to layout a route with a Delorme Maine Atlas. Some gpsr’s allow you to plot a route.

Items needed for the event:
Minimum: GPSR, Maine Atlas, water and snacks, clipboard, pens and or pencils, headache pills.

Prepared: A laptop with a mapping program, and either a vehicle plug-in or 110/12v converter for your car. Once you put in the cache co-ords and your own location it will plot a route for you.

Geo rallye prepared: Same as prepared, but with a gpsr enabled laptop and a mapping program.

If you only have a team of two people, and want to do this with another couple, please let us know. We will see if we can set you up with another couple about the same age, in the same area. That way you’ll be sharing expenses, and 4 people searching makes finding caches faster.