As most of you know, I've been conversing with the KLT for a while about placing caches on their properties. So far there are already properties of theirs that have geocaches on them... which didn't look good because they didn't know about any of them until I sought out permission to place one and became involved with the KLT. All the caches that are already placed are allowed to stay, we emaild a few of the cache owners because they are near some sensitive habitats and some changes need to made to keep the caches there. They will be having a meeting in the next few months and they would like a short presentation about geocaching ( **COUGH**HOPEFULLYFIREFIGHTERJAKEWOULDBEWILLINGTOH ELPSINCEHEDIDSUCHAGREATJOBWITHTHEUNITYBARNRAISERSC ACHES**COUGH**)
excuse me I had something stuck in my throat. They would also like the land stewards to be involved with the caches, so that they know where they are, and can make sure the caches won't disturb parts of the properties that wont be disturbed. So if anyone is thinking of placing a cache on one of their properties, remember to ask first, they are willing to work with us. I also volunteered to help make maps of their trail systems using my GPSr, so they've dubbed me their KLT Geocaching volunteer, all in all it looks like a good thing for geocaching. The KLT's website is