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Jake, you weren't imagining things. I just posted my log entry, and observed the same stuff. I saw that your logs were gone, does the poster expect you to not get credit for a find, even if something sketchy happened???
If my post gets erased, I'm emailing the owner to put it back.
I noticed your log shortly after noticing that my own had been deleted.

I was going to repost my original log, but I decided to simply post a log that my original log was deleted for some reason and leave it at that (so I could at least get credit), but . . .

I then contacted gpsfun and shared with him my logs, an e-mail from another cacher and referred him to your post. As you can see he has posted a message . . . which he says cannot be deleted.

Once again I have no problems with heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals or whatever . . . I just expressed my feelings, what happened and urged folks to exercise some caution. After doing some more investigating I found out from more than one local that the area is known as a meeting place. I posted a second log mentioning this, but added a tagline that most likely this place would be fine at certain times of the day and week (just Saturday evening on a warm day in May isn't one of them.)

Incidentally, one or two other geocachers also said my feelings were right on . . . they were also apparently deleted by the cache owner.

I was feeling a little disappointed (besides I had to work hard to get that find -- I have a Magellan), but this morning I'm feeling as though I've been at least vindicated in my thoughts.

Who knows . . . I may edit my post and put in my original log.