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I have a problem with the status of FTF's. When somone puts in their post, "Your getting closer, I can't believe you can't see it, your standing on top of it!" or something to that effect. I don't see how the person can have the ****s to claim FTF???? If I went to a cache that the OWNER was at and looked for it, while they watched and coached my moves, I wouldn't claim FTF, at least not on the site, maby to myself and friends. I have been out with friends and helped them with their positioning, they placed their cache and gave me the cords. and I went and looked for it without their help. Then we compaired notes and set the cords. acordingly. I didn't claim FTF for the cache. I feel thats akin to the security guard at a store letting you steal something because your friends. My opinion. I would be interested in hearing what others think.
Control what you can control. You can't control what cachers put into your cache or what they remove. You can't control whether they cover your cache or leave it uncovered. You can't control HOW they find a cache. Although finding a FTF you don't expect or have worked hard to find can be exhilirating, the memory of that moment will be more about getting the cache than the FTF. We are all frustrated with one or many of these issues but we continue to cache because WE ENJOY IT! I guess this just isn't a big issue with me.