I rec'd the following e-mail.. Anyone missing a cache.. It's not mine & does not fit the discriptions of any local coastal containers.

"Dear RubiconJW,

I think your Roque Rocks cache may have been disturbed. Last Saturday I was walking from the point back around the cove toward the state park trails. As I crossed the small brook like depression at the far east end of the cove where you meet the Pondcove trail in the park, I found a clear tupper with a green top marked geocache sitting out in the open. The top was off the tupper and rain had gotten into it. There was also a very wet book (from the cache) on the ground in a couple of pieces. A bunch of small items still in the cache. I do not remember finding a log. I drained the water out of the box and put it back together. You can find it wedged in a three trunked tree about 20 feet to the left (south east) of where the trail makes a 90 degree turn to the right as it reaches the cove. I did not have my gps and was not even caching when I discovered the tupper. It was quite a way from the cache location as displayed on the maps (about 500 feet further east)"...snip...

It was found near Roque Rocks Cache

I was in the area yesterday for a maint run on mine.. I tried to locate this by directions above but was unable.
Anyone shy a coastal cache??