What: An chance to see rockets fly hard and fast, some small, some huge in a relaxed atmosphere

When: This Saturday, May 27, 2006

Where: CherryField Maine, E.O. Morse Field, owned by the world-famous blueberry provider Jasper Wyman & Son

To find the location, get to the Baseline Road, you'll see a sign for the
Beagle club. turn East at N44 41.594 W067 57.152 follow this dirt road to the field at N44 40.585 W067 53.422

Why: To watch model rockets fly, fast and high, some may break Mach 1, some will fly to an altitude of more than 5000 feet

What you need to bring: your lunch, and a chair

If you are interested contact:
Pine Tree Rocketry
Chapter #561 - NAR Certified - President: Michael Dow #207.546.2578

Tripoli Cherryfield Chapter #107 - Tripoli Certified - Prefect: Richard Willey #207.546.2677, Advisor: David Smith - #207.622.2507

Link to NAR: http://nar.org/index.html
Link to TRA: http://www.tripoli.org/
Canadian Assoc. of Rocketry: http://www.canadianrocketry.org/

CAR S-51,
TRA 10229 (High Power Certified Level 1)