I have a virtual cache, (Tidal Cache) that I want to make more user friendly, but I need some help and direction in webpage design. There are three additions that I'd like to make to the page: Add a tide prediction applett, Add a Flash graphic that explains how tides work (copied with permission from another site), and automate a logging map.

The cache is a virtual because the place is rarely above water. The cache describes the high and low tides and spring and neap tides To get credit, one only needs to get close to the cache, measure the distance away and the time. I have been making a map using USAphotoMaps and a .jpg editor. The tide data is entered as text data and formatted using the Geocaching.com cache report form.

I have a hosted website that can be used, some limmited programming experience with html, Micorsoft Frontpage, and would be willing to get other software, if needed.

Is there someone out there who can give me some advice and direction.