This may be a stupid question, but this past weekend I picked up two TBs that were not logged into the cache. Since the "options" when you log a TB only gives you limited options (i.e. "found at XYZ cache", "picked up from Cacher X" or "discovered TB") I wasn't sure how one would go about logging this into my TB "inventory." A quick look and it appears as though the last folks who were physically in possession of the TB were not the same folks who dropped the TB at the cache (i.e. the cachers never were at the cache I was at.)

I would like to do the right thing and get these TBs re-logged so the cacher who released them will be able to track them again so what are my options? Inquiring minds would like to know. I've thought about simply placing them into another cache, but that seems as though it would compound the problem . . . and I would guess that the folks who failed to log the dropped TB probably failed to do so quite a while ago and the TB may have been bounced around from cache to cache in the meantime.