I am starting this thread partially out of curiosity. How did you become interested in caching? Was it a friend that dragged you kicking and screaming the first time? Did you read an article in a paper, or see a story on TV? I think there will be many varied answers and stories here. What brought some of the older cachers in may be a lot different than what gets someone hooked now. Tell us your story.

Mine is very simple. I had read and article on an in flight magazine while taking a trip. The premise seemed extremely interesting to me. It was a couple years later that I finally went out and purchased my first GPSr for the sole purpose of geocaching. A Garmin Vista, the top of the line E-trex model in 2003. I went with Garmin since I owned a Garmin model 40 that I had bought for my boat when I lived in Florida back in 1995. I did my first hunt here in Brewer on July 6, 2003 and as they say, the rest is history...I'm hooked. I have met so many good people over the last 3 years, I can't wait to see what the future brings not only for me, but for the hobby in general. Now tell us your story.