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Complaints should always be considered. If the complaint is valid, it does not matter what the source is. However, if the compaint is from the land owner/manager, the cache needs to be disabled until their concerns are met. The land owner/manager has the final say, always.
I agree that all complaints should be considered. One of the benchmarks though is validity. One of the first steps to establishing that would be to determine it the complanent has a right to complain. For example, I can complain a farmer is driving to fast across his corn field. I can attempt to justify my complaint by saying, " the farmer could lose control of the tractor and careen out into traffic." Further more I could shift focus of the complaint and say," I heard people in town, especially the folks who live in the green house at the end of the corn field complain that the farmer drives his tractor too fast." Is this a valid complaint????? Without investigating the complaint you wouldn't know if there truly is a complaint or I may just making it hard for the farmer to do his farming. Not all sources offer legitimate complaints. No action, in regards to the complaint should be made until the complaint or complanent is validated. To do so in my example would be to punish the farmer without giving the farmer the benefit of due process.