Haffy and I went down and talked to the farm owner near Bessies Tale to find out just what was going on. It was the owners wife who e-mailed groundspeak and caused the cache to be archived. I just got an e-mail from her thanking us for coming down and speaking with her husband.

I'm sorry I accused Diverdave of being a jerk and doing this on purpose. I just couldn't buy the story that he would drive half a mile from the cache coordinates and feed corn to the farmers cows right next to his house. The owner of the farm told us Diverdave did indeed drive the half mile from the coordinates down to the farm.

He did NOT however feed any corn to the cows. The farm owner was NOT mad at Diverdave or anyone else. He did NOT call the cops on Diverdave. In fact he said Diverdave came to the farm and spoke to him twice and was very friendly both times. He said he told Diverdave that "Krebs" was only in two places, the ROAD SIGN, and on the barn. He also said that if anyone put a cache on any of his cows he would have noticed.

The farm owners biggest concern is that he is trying to get his farm certified as "Organic" and he was worried that the certification board would get wind of the cache description about bringing corn to feed the cows and delay his certification while looking into it. Once he went to the web site and read the description he understood what was going on and thought it was funny. He even laughed about the picture Haffy used because he recognized the farm.

I assured him I would change the listing so people would not come to the farm and that I would remove the reference to feeding the cows corn. I am thinking maybe a tranquilizer gun might be a good addition to the cache pack.

I also apologize for not e-mailing Diverdave back about the cache but I couldn't imagine anyone driving that far from the cache location and then telling me the farmer was mad at him. He did not ask me anything about the cache. He just told me he had trouble with the farmer and I chalked it up to him goofing off. Of course I also can't imagine that he would go to the farm owner and tell him one of his cows had a geocache on her ear. LOL He gave the farm owner the idea that I snuck in under the cover of darkness and added a tag to one of his cows. I may be clever and devious but that is a stretch even for me.

Keep your eyes open for my next cache though. Just watch for "Welcome to Katie's Crotch".