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    To search for words in the description and logs in GSAK, do Search, Filter, and put the word you want to search for in the box next to Full Text Search. You mave have to do several passes looking for mountain, mount and mt.. Hope this helps!

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    This is where I like to have all my caches plotted on a gazateer. You can just look at the map and see if it's a mountian!

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    I paid for cachemate and GSAK but it was giving me trouble so I went to e-book with Mobipocket. I like it a lot. It's free, it brings in all the logs, not just 5, and it doesn't have to be tweaked before download. The only thing it won't do is mark caches as found, so if I was getting a lot of caches in one day I would jot them down in the notebook function.
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