I have had this week off from work and had the oppurtunity to find a few caches in the general area of greater Bangor. I had a few that I couldnt find and a few that the hint just didnt make sense.

I think that what we need to remember as responsible geocache placers is that the hint should be brief since some folks still have to decode by hand and we need to make sure the hint is correct and clear. I would rather have no hint than a bad hint. Remember that a hint is used for what ever you want it to be. Some choose to read it right away while others prefer to look around a bit.

I would also like to mention that it would hurt to check on your caches on a regular basis, and not wait till someone has a problem with it. It gives you a chance to restock and get ride of the trash. I check on my caches when ever I am around them. Some will say well good for you Dave, my caches are to far for me to go and just check on them. Well you knew you would have to check on them when you placed them. I went to a couple the other day that folks had reported dnfs on and the owner never even went to check on them. Not you JAke. I am refering to others.

Please folks stay on top of the maintenance of your caches other wise they are just geotrash.