This is what I got for a reply from DeLorme. I can not find the file they are talking about but I am still looking:
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I have over 500 waypoints on my handheld and I want to delete them all or just a bunch of them. Is there a way of doing this without having to delete them one at a time?
I think you have a Palm from some of your posts, but you didn't specifically say, but this works for it. If you have any file management utility on the PDA, then delete the file XMapWptsDB. A new empty file will be created the next time you fire up SA2005HH on the PDA. Before you sync next time, make a copy of the XMapHHWptsRcv file if you want to save the stuff because the next time you hotsync it will be empty.

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I went to my DeLorme Doc\Mobile Mps\Wpts Transfer\ XMapHHWptsSend and put the following in between the BEGIN SYMBOL and END statements and did a sync with my handheld. This put all my waypoints that I stuck between these statements on my handheld maps. I also noticed that once I did this my DeLorme Doc\Mobile Mps\Wpts Transfer\ XMapHHWptsRcv file had the same statements added to it automatically. Hoe does this coincide with this?
This happens because when you sync, it picks up the data in the XMapHHWptsSend file, and adds it to the XMapWptsDB file on the PDA, which then gets backed up to the XMapHHWptsRcv file on the PC.