I am a letterboxer and have never heard of geocaching until very recently. Unfortunately I heard about geocaching because it seems a geocacher has mistaken my letterbox for a cache and has taken my handcarved stamp and inkpad. I have two different threads going on the geocaching.com site and have gotten a lot of advice and tips from some friendly folks there, but unfortunately no one has seen my stamp or knows anyone who may have mistakenly taken it. My letterbox is in Brunswick ME and the stamp is of the Brunswick-Topsham Bridge. I understand that there is a cache nearby so it is possible that someone stumbled upon my box instead of the cache (even though the lid of the box is clearly labeled, "this is a letterbox"). The bridge is an erector-set looking type of bridge; this stamp was pretty time-consuming to carve so I'd really like it back. Please, if anyone has any info as to where my stamp might be or if anyone has seen it, please contact me. Thanks! (and thanks to haffy6 for referring me to this site!)