We would like some feedback about classifications.

We found a multi today that was listed as a 1/1. It was 1/4 mile to the first location, and 1/2 mile to the next one. Had there not been another cache on the way, we would have skipped it - our policy being qualtity over quality wqhen making overnight caching trips.

Well, the total trip would up being over 2 miles, mostly on flat terrain but probably 1/3 over a narrow trail with roots and a couple of mudholes, and one gully with just a very narrow trail to use to get around it.

The owner is now very experienced, but this cache was placed when he first started out and then might have been a 1/1 - before he converted it to a multi.

Question: does a 2-mile hike constitute or exceed a "1" in difficulty?

I'm very sensitive about this myself as a couple of my caches have been criticized because of their ratings.