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Thread: Should we form a Geocaching Maine Organization?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockyHa
    ... form a stearing committee of individuals interested. If that is a large group, then elect leadership within the committee. Generate a propasal; makeup of the board, basic duties and responcibilities, purpose of the board, terms of office, removal of a member of the board and such. Then conduct a poll. If the membership is not in favor of something, address the membership concerns and run a new poll. Once there is a poll infavor of organizing, conduct an election and put the board to work. ...

    I could not have said it better! This is exactly what we are doing. We have a large group, over 750! We are now electing leadership within the committe. They will generate a proposal with all of the details.

    You are part of the committe, along with everyone else. I cannot stress how important your input is. We are not leaving anyone out of the discussions.

    We need ideas. We need eveyone to present their opinons. You may notice the tone of the discussion gets a bit heated at times, but don't let that slow you down.

    We also need to get this resolved. The final outcome may well be to not organize at all, although I doubt it. Our completely disorganzed approach has caused a lot of harm already. I will not get into any of that here, but if you want to know more, I'd gladly email you enough threads to let you see for yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockyHa
    Sure there are several ways to go about it. Theb best in my opinion is to form a stearing committee of individuals interested.
    What do you think this is all about???

    The name "steering committee" (my suggestion) was rejected as it implied that the committee would be "steering" the group in a certain direction. Since this was not the case, the name "Advisory Committe" was adopted.

    Nominations of members interested in being on the committee were made by members attending the meeting, from which 5 members will be selected by ballot.


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    This poll is old news as someone posted. There is no sense dwelling on this anymore since we have moved on. The reason we moved on and forward with creating a five member committee is because once a vote was placed on the web site regarding the question we are now discussing here you could not change your vote. This is the way the software is currently written. When people voted most of them voted against organizing, then when they read some of the replies that others posted it changed there mind and then they tried to change there vote not realizing they could not. They sent me PM's and emails asking me to change there vote.

    This is why we had a meeting and sent out a mass email informing the entire membership about the meeting ahead of time. It seems that one person did not get the email due to some sort of glitch and I apologize for that. But if everyone was following the posts on the web site then they have no reason not to know about the meeting.

    I am now closing this thread. So letís move on, your either going to support the organization or your not. If you choose not to support the organization then you can still come here and use the web site. The organization movement has nothing to do with the web site.
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