Okay, after doing some caching with "Tat's Rescue Rangers" team and watching how they work all the "bells and whistles," I am convinced that I should move towards paperless caching. I have a Legend Garmin that will hold 500 caches. My parents have two of the same, so we can get a total of 1500 caches on them between us. We are headed across Canada and the US in August and would like to do some caching. Here's my thought (remember, I'm cheap)... I would like to get a PDA to work with the GPSr's and use Cachemate. I'm thinking the PDA would have to hold quite a few descriptions of caches. If I preload everything before we leave home I will save a lot of time. The trip will be from 8-10 days so things shouldn't get too outdated.
I've got most of the GSAK route maker figured out. Any recommendations?